Relationship-Building a Sound Practice at Montclair Insurance Group

Jul 14, 2016 | Blog, Independent Insurance Agents

In today’s fast-paced world, many are striving to slow things down a bit and focus once again on meaningful connections. While technology is evolving and moving at the speed of light, people are realizing they still value a personal touch when it comes to services and products. With many large scale insurance companies providing online service that allows the customer to login, complete a few forms, get a fast quote and almost instantaneously bind coverage it’s easy to see why the independent agencies are not front of mind. But they should be, and here’s why.

Montclair’s agents have access to many different insurance companies and their products. When you, a unique individual, walk into their office, you are treated like a real person with real life situations that call for customized service. Are you a newly married man with a baby, a mortgage and a start-up? Are you a single woman with a motorcycle, a townhome, and a propensity to travel at a moment’s notice? Montclair will take the time to understand your circumstances and guide you through insurance needs unique to your situation and seek out coverages appropriate for you, your life, and your budget. There is no generic solution requiring you to fit into a certain mold. Montclair researches coverages from several different insurance companies that fit your specific needs.

With access to many carriers and a variety of policies, Montclair emphasizes the getting-to-know-you process so they can develop a personal relationship with you, and provide you sound recommendations. Kevin Capece, co-founder of Montclair Insurance Group, recently told me, “rates are often better with us because we have the flexibility to reach out to different carriers based on each client’s needs.” As your needs change over time, Montclair’s agents will help find solutions that change with you.

They work with A+ rated carriers and local adjusters and their clients enjoy the direct communication with any agent within Montclair. The agency enjoys community involvement with the Millard Business Association, the Shriners, and support for a variety of local church and neighborhood associations through sponsorships.

Montclair’s professional agents have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the insurance industry and understand the importance of procuring the most appropriate protection for families and assets based on sound individualized service.